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In 2006 and 2007 we left everything behind and traveled the world for ten months.

The people we met, the things we saw and what we learned will always be with us. 

Join us in our adventure through this site!

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Meet The Travelers
The beautiful Lucky Bay
The Drying of the Octopus!-web
Rough Waters at Lucky Bay
Camel at the Oasis-web
Erie Peninsula-web
Our Diving Adventure-web
Shrimpies-Valencia Mercat Central-web

Andy and Liza Jager met in Brazil in 1998. There they traveled together, fell in love and got married in 2000. They have always shared the love for exploring new cultures and learning languages. In 2006, they decided that it was time to leave everything behind and live everywhere. They traveled the world for 10 months, then moved back to the U.S. where they lived in San Francisco and Chicago before settling in their home in Oak Park, IL. They now travel with their two children, who also share their love of travel and exploring the new.  

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