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The Plan

Monday, September 11

Chicago, USA to Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Wednesday, September 27

Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Chicago, USA


Tuesday, October 3
Chicago, USA to Madrid, Spain

By land to Portugal and Morocco

Saturday, December 2
Casablanca, Morocco to Cairo, Egypt

Saturday, December 23
Cairo, Egypt to Athens, Greece

Saturday, January 13
Athens, Greece to Mumbai, India

By land to Delhi

Saturday, February 17
Delhi, India to Bangkok, Thailand

By plane to Singapore

Saturday, March 21
Singapore, Singapore to Perth, Australia

By land to Sydney, Australia

Sunday, May 27
Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand

Sunday, June 10
Auckland, New Zealand to Nadi, Fiji

Monday, July 30
Nadi, Fiji to Los Angeles, USA and L.A. to Chicago.

(Singapore and after revised July 20)




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